How Do Locksmiths Make a Car Key Without the Original?

“How would a locksmith be able to make me a key? I don’t have anything to copy!!”

Locksmiths have an arsenal of innovative methods to make a new car key without an original, or any car key replacement. Some of these methods involve using special tools to read the vehicle’s security system, or decoding the existing lock in order to make a copy. No matter what method is used, it’s important to find a trained professional who can help you make a new key quickly and safely.

Cut by code

One of the most popular techniques for creating a car key without an original is key cutting by code. This method requires special tools that use your vehicle’s Factory Key Code(FKC) to cut a new key from blank metal. The key code could often be located in your car’s manual, and locksmiths can plug this code into the device in order to accurately replicate the original key.’

If you can’t locate your key code, the best place to find this information is from an authorized dealership. They will provide it to you at a reasonable cost.

However, if you purchased a pre-owned vehicle it is possible that the keys have been rekeyed meaning that the code purchased will not open the lock or start the vehicle and you should call a professional locksmith to help.

Reading the lock cuts and copying them to a new key.

Another way locksmiths make car keys without originals is by reading the lock cuts with a scope and copying them to a new key. This is done by examining the cuts on the key and then transferring those same measurements onto a blank car key, typically with a file or grinder. While this requires considerable skill and experience on the part of the locksmith, it’s a relatively simple process that most professionals can handle.

Having the skill of using a scope is invaluable for a locksmith. The scope allows the locksmith to assess and identify the cuts on the lock, thus reducing their time and saving costs for their customer. An example of this can be seen when dealing with old Toyotas, as the locksmith can easily use the scope to read the cuts on the lock without disassembling anything.

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Decoding the car lock cylinder using special tools and equipment.

A locksmith can decode the lock cylinder of a car, allowing them to make a new key from scratch. This is done using various special tools, such as a decoding tool that reads the bitting numbers on the lock itself and then translates that information into measurements for a brand new key. While it is not an easy task, this method is becoming increasingly popular since it allows the professional to create a car key without having access to the original key.

The process of decoding a lock can be tricky, especially if there is some amount of damage or wear and tear on it. To make the process easier, automotive locksmiths may use a lubricant to clean the lock or even remove it from its place for a better look. In any case, decoding requires skill and expertise in order to determine the exact code of your vehicle.

Using a diagnostic tool to read and write directly to the computer of the car.

This is done through the use of special equipment which connects to the vehicle’s computer, allowing communication between the car’s central computer and the locksmith’s device. With this, they can program chip keys with the matching codes needed to be able to start the engine and make sure no one unauthorized gains access. In some situations, a knowledgeable locksmith may even take apart the car’s computer chip and read the key data to generate a cloned key for you.

Those driving more sophisticated vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi should beware of the costs of replacing their keys. If you’re ever in a situation where you’ve lost your vehicle keys for one of these cars, it’s best to find a professional locksmith who can read the complex data from the transistor chips and make a new key without having to go to the dealer. That way, you can save money and hit the road again quickly.

Transponders, Fobs, Smartkeys, Flipkeys, Fobiks… What?

Knowing the right type of key for your car is essential when it’s time to replace it. Car manufacturers usually switch between different types, such as Push To Start (PTS) buttons, physical keys and flip keys. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the make and model of your vehicle can help ensure you get the right type of key. Also, identifying how many buttons your key has is a determining factor why a key will or won’t program.

It’s often easy to tell the difference between the type of key since you are driving the vehicle, but providing the locksmith with this seemingly unnecessary information also help determine the correct key chip for the car, which, you guessed it, changes as much as the keys.

Aftermarket keys

Shopping for aftermarket keys online can often be a great way to save money, but you should always pay close attention to the product’s return policy. Low-quality keys may not fit properly or work correctly even if they are cut and programmed by an experienced locksmith, meaning that you might end up stuck with an unusable key if the vendor doesn’t accept returns.

There are certain car models that will only accept replacement keys manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It is important to be aware of this when attempting to purchase aftermarket keys.

If you need a new car key or a locksmith for cars, it’s essential that you know the locksmith process. Seek out someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, a trustworthy and competent locksmith will make sure you feel safe and confident in the work they are doing. The locksmith should be able to answer questions regarding the process, cost, and technical aspects of the service they provide. They should understand what they are talking about and be able to clearly explain the steps involved in getting your new key.

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Choosing an experienced locksmith will guarantee an effective job that won’t leave you disappointed.

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